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Boutique clothing boutique machines need Time:2008/7/3 Hits:1482
      Double-edge companies as a professional machine manufacturer, has a long history, Seiko manufacture, production GL-2000, GL-2000-A, GL-780, GL-781, MP-2000 Series (the introduction of the Italian technology) in five models Chu Machine. 
    "Double" GL-2000-High-edge apparel machine, of the company lied in 1994-the introduction of technology and major parts of Italy, launched in the country's first senior-side (hand-trace), while price of imported products One-tenth. 2000 also successfully developed GL-2000-A plane, the aircraft in the original GL-2000 on the basis of additional computer-based automatic positioning feature that will automatically adjust pin any location, turning a needle-stop, stop needle-threading, so that more machines Easy to operate, the side-effects of more fine. At the same time the company has produced GL-780, GL-781 series Gouzhen----(hand-trace), Italy, the introduction of technology, high-performance, high technological content, good quality and various technical indicators have reached the international level of similar products. In order to meet market demand, the Company has successfully introduced the MP-2000-High-edge apparel machine, the introduction of the Italian aircraft technology, machinery simple structure, stable performance, lower price. More than five series of side-mainly used for high-level suits, coats of decorative sewing, but also to other types of casual men and women, Fur and leather series, shirts, jackets, trousers and other sewing, suitable for large, medium and Small garment factory.
    The Company is the only production-five series edge of the professional manufacturers, technology-advanced countries in the world for one, has thousands of equipment旺销all over the country, export to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries. To ensure that the interests of the company customers, the Ad Hoc strict quality control procedures to ensure the quality of products. The company has advanced management techniques and perfect after-sales service system, free products a year warranty, maintenance and provision of spare parts for life. For more information, and your patrons will be our greatest honour!
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