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Chinas textile industry will form a coastal inland to the processing of new single-mode Time:2008/7/3 Hits:1404
         As the appreciation of the renminbi, and land resources and energy product prices rose sharply, businesses of raw materials and labor costs increased dramatically, with China's large-scale reduction or elimination of export tax rebates, which merged the foreign-funded enterprises income tax and other reasons, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places of traditional low - Value-added and labor-intensive textile industry under unprecedented pressure. China's textile industry recent gradually from coastal areas to inland transfer trend.
         Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Institute of Industrial Economy Lvzheng pointed out that despite the cost increase is due to China's textile export prices, but the current situation, most of the overseas buyers of Chinese textile products to accept the fact that the price hikes, no orders Large-scale shift to other countries and regions of the phenomenon. Mainly because China is the world's largest textile and apparel products exporting countries, other regions can not be replaced China's export production.
        Chinese textile enterprises cope with the rising cost pressure, not like Japan, South Korea, as the rise in the cost of production, labor-intensive industries to transfer all the factors of production to lower cost countries. China Economic Information Center said Fan Jianping, director of forecasting, although Vietnam, India and other countries than China's central and western regions of lower labor costs, the central and western regions to undertake industrial shift poses challenges. But more, the eastern inland textile enterprises choose to transfer, after all, an effective remedy way. 
       In China, the eastern region and inland areas have similar cultural and legal norms, the eastern part of the textile enterprises, to avoid investment risks. In addition, in recent years, China Minsheng substantially raise the total retail sales of consumer goods, huge market demand to attract the attention of the investment, transfer of industries to the interior, foreign demand will not only meet the domestic demand but also take into account.
20 years ago, China has formed an international market of overseas orders, coastal processing textile and garment industries operating mode. Fan Jianping predict the future, China will gradually form coastal orders, landlocked processing, market and win-win such a new type of textile and garment industry's operating mode.
      According to the China Textile Industry Association survey in 2008, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Hebei Province 6 two-thirds of the textile industry, the average profits of enterprises only 0.62 percent.
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