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China Sewing Machinery significantly increased the overall level of Time:2008/7/3 Hits:1710
         Sewing classes of many large mechanical structure, there are about more than 6,000 kinds of all types, of which 4,000 common types of machinery. China's production of the sewing machine has more than 1,500 kinds of varieties, there are over 800 kinds of commonly used.
         Sewing machine according to the functions can be divided into several major series:-sewing machine, sewing machine package, Beng sewing machine, packets machines, keyhole machine, Dingkou machine, sets end machines, embroidery machines, sewing machine Liao, fur Pinfeng And other equipment. Each series, in accordance with the requirements of different sewing, can be broken down again.

        Sewing machine as the basis of different applications, console and can be divided into two major categories of industrial machines, according to different speed, can be divided into high, medium speed, according to different fabrics, can be divided into ordinary type, thick-type materials, leather - According to trace different, can be divided into lock and chain trace trace, according to several different machine needles, needles can be divided into single, double needle or needles, etc., coupled with the variety of additional features, created A huge tree-sewing machine system.
       New materials and new technology to greatly expand function sewing equipment
       Primary innovative technology development model still According to the German-Japanese high-end
      With the continuous development of industrial machinery, new energy, new materials, new processes and new technology development background, the sewing machine not only in the type of the rich, function has also been a tremendous expansion.

From raw materials, the light-alloy used for the fuselage become more and more compact, the application of new materials improve the life of the sewing machine and from the appearance, the humanization of industrial sewing machines to design a more beautiful, high-grade, practical, from Technology, finishing, painting, packaging, heat treatment and the application of new processing equipment, the product of a more stable, ensuring product quality.

In order to meet the requirements of fabrics, sewing machines from the suture tension, needle simultaneously sent to expect from top to bottom differential feed more and improve the function and to the micro-oil, lubricating oil-free direction.

In high value-added, automated sewing machinery products, Germany, Japan, and other enterprises are still firmly grasp the core technologies. Their development, the development and application of electronic and other industrial areas of new technology, opened a sewing machine electronic, automation, integration of the new era. At present, most enterprises still remain in the country's research and development headquarters, primary and innovative model of development is their winning magic weapon, which makes their high-end sewing machine in the world market has been occupied an important position.

China Sewing Machinery significantly increased the overall level of

"Made in China" as synonymous with quality and cheap

Despite the high-end technology with the world there is a gap between China's sewing machinery in recent years, still has been rapid development.

Once, because the level of blank pieces of backward processing technology, resulting in the stability of products not enough, not to the customer left a good impression, because painting technology immature, and the appearance of poor products, but also allows customers to avoid much of; key to zero Parts of the lack of precision and stability so that the overall performance整机greatly reduced, "made in China" has become almost a synonym for cheap low quality.

However, from the 1990s, domestic sewing equipment companies for products and technology to absorb and master the technology has reached a certain level and steady improvement, with a self-transformation and innovation, product from raw materials, process to the appearance, Performance has improved a lot.

   In order to have an independent capacity and the advanced level in and around the world, sewing machinery industry is now targeting a blank pieces of processing technology in the casting process, forging process, powder metallurgy technology, blow molding process. Processing Technology in decorative painting, powder coating, screen printing, and other types of paint, chrome, copper plating process, and so on, carburizing quenching, high-frequency hardening material such as modified processing technology, and so on.

Casting advanced production lines have been put into use in many enterprises, the case dealt with by spraying the surface of the modern technology and controllable spray drying Road, replace the traditional spraying process;整机assembly lines and production capacity to meet international quality standards similar basic level; The processing of some enterprises have adopted flexible chassis production line processing and processing centre for production, CNC machine tools, such as Centerless Grinder universal use of sophisticated gear machine has been widely used and controlled atmosphere heat treatment technology and equipment used by many enterprises. China's products appeared on the international stage, to travel on the sea, technology and quality of these products is backed up.

From parts of the supporting capacity, the types of parts in China is almost the whole world, especially some of the key components such as the rotating spindle, bevel gear, pick poles, machine needles, crankshaft, etc., are professional manufacturers, Supporting capacity is very strong.

After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, China-made sewing machine based on clusters and supporting the industrial scale, product type continuously enriched, in addition to individual special machine, the vast majority of models can be produced.

At the same time, domestic sewing machine in product development, technology applications, process improvement and information technology areas, and the gap between the advanced international level are also being reduced. The conventional model of product quality and technical content, with the production process to continuously improve, and has international advanced level of close to.

Good product quality, domestic labor cost advantages, so that the price advantage of domestic sewing machinery Obviously, the same level of domestic equipment prices lower than foreign equipment 1 / 3 around.

Good and cost-effective services to enable domestic sewing equipment great international competitiveness. With the growing influence of the far-reaching, "made in China" sewing equipment, has become a quality and cheap substituting said.
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