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Jianghan four Factory developed advanced cementing equipment Time:2005/11/30 Hits:1643
         Sinopec Jianghan Petroleum Administration Bureau fourth petroleum machinery factory director Joe Wang told reporters recently, the development of the plant's automatic mixed slurry of complete sets of equipment cementing the core components --- ACM-V automatic pulp mixed with the contemporary international system has been the leading technology Level.
According to Wang Jun Qiao, the system is computer-controlled, to achieve the "one-button" The whole process of process control. Its greatest advantage lies in: from single control into complete sets of network control, the original equipment on a single cementing control for the development of water, ash, Tim liquid, mixed pulp, and other control devices. System is simple, easy to maintain, to meet the oil and gas field equipment for cementing high-power, high-pressure, the emission requirements.
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