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National Standardization Technical Committee reducer listed Jiangsu Stallone Time:2005/11/30 Hits:1453
        The industry long-awaited slowdown of the National Standardization Technical Committee recently Stallone Machinery Group Company in Jiangsu Province was set up grand. Standardization Administration Committee, Federation of Machinery Industry, the State General Machinery Association, the Association of heavy machinery, cranes Association, the quality of Machinery Industry Association, the National reducer backbone enterprises of China's slowdown and the application of key areas related to more than 200 leaders and experts who attended the meeting.

     Standardization has become China's taking a new road to industrialization, enhance core competitiveness of the country's comprehensive national strength and technical support. In recent years, international reducer giant a major push into the Chinese market, with equipment, technology, capital and the advantages of scale of production in China established a number of multinational corporations, not only in global operations, but also global manufacturing, industry and domestic manufacturers launched The fierce competition, while China's current slowdown in the implementation of most of the products is 10 years or several decades of the same old standards in the manufacturing technology, applications, and so on the scale of production compared with foreign countries, the relative lack of competitiveness. To meet the development needs of new industrialization, to break international technical barriers, the State Standardization Administration Commission authorization Jiangsu Stallone reducer Corp. responsible for the preparation of the slowdown in the standard of work, the slowdown has been the backbone enterprises of industry support.

Standardization Administration of demand for Sun Xiaokang vision Stallone Group will aim at the international market, through the National reducer to the standard of construction, train a number of international competition to participate in the standardization of experts, a dynamic competition, to participate in international competition, creating slowdown - National brands. Stallone Machinery Group chairman Zhang Yin-kan said that Stallone will be delivered, and grasp the opportunity that they spend lots of money, the introduction of standardization of domestic and foreign experts, standardization of training qualified personnel, increase the standardization of the technical reserves, the country reducer promote the standardization work in depth .
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