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Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition 2008 Time:2008/6/28 Hits:1864
Time: December 2008 11-13 Venue: Exhibition Centre Shanghaimart
Organizers: China International Trade Promotion Council of the Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperation
China Chamber of International Commerce, supply and marketing cooperative trade associations
Sponsor: Shanghai Exhibition Services Ltd. to Poly
Media Support: China China's textile and textile machinery net net net China Textile Machinery China and Russia kenfor China Textile Machinery Yellow Pages Network China National Machinery and equipment net of China's textile machinery in China Textile Machinery global network of global textile network textile trade network in China joined the Chinese network equipment computer network in China knitting Net machinery of state of the global textile machinery business network in China Chemical Fiber Network Information Network of China's textile machinery market in China Dyeing and Printing Machinery Network China Machinery China apparel network joined a network of Chinese printing machinery network packaging and printing machinery net Ming million net "textile machinery market," "Textile Machinery" " Textile Information Weekly "," Textile Machinery "to the Chinese tiger," China Textile Machinery "," Chinese garment washed, "" Textile Business "
China and Asia has become a global textile manufacturing center, and the textile industry is the most potential for development. China and Asia's rapid economic growth, the textile industry and the rapid development are inseparable. The development of the textile industry of the positive effects of the entire national economy, no doubt has become the economic development of developing countries, increase national income important choice. In recent years, to speed up the progress of science and technology progress, textile manufacturing technology and manufacturing processes have undergone tremendous changes. China and other Asian countries and regions as well as the textile industry are faced with accelerating technological progress, adjust the industrial structure, improve the general level of product demand. Currently, China's textile industry is being encouraged to accelerate the pace of information technology in order to open up world markets and upgrade their products and equipment. The foreign trade situation and good opportunities for the development of China has become the focus of world textile. This will provide the textile machinery manufacturing broader market space.
As China's fabric materials steadily increase the value-added products, continuously enhance the international competitiveness of the textile and clothing industry in Shanghai's development by leaps and bounds, to conform to the development needs of textile and apparel industry, by 2008 Olympic Qie by machine, by the China International Trade Promotion Federation of Supply and Marketing Council of the cooperation, China Chamber of International Commerce, supply and marketing cooperative trade associations to host the "2008 Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition" will be December 11, 2008 -13 at ShanghaiMart and Exhibition Centre was held. After research with great concentration of professional bodies, experts meticulously planned, to take advantage of WTO global economy, we will build this Qingli China's textile industry event!
The show adherence to the "market operation" principle, reflects the international and specialized, high standardized the new features and new level.
(A) to highlight open, creating impressions of the international platform.
(B) held to highlight the regional, illustrates the international metropolis of Shanghai charisma.
(C) to highlight industry, the development of textile machinery to create new business opportunities.
(D) to highlight innovative and unique form of the Convention and Exhibition brands.
Exhibition schedule
Move to report: December 9, 2008, -10
Display of transactions: December 11, 2008, -13
Closure of dismantling: December 13, 2008 at 14:00
1, knitting machinery: circular knitting machines, jacquard, Zhi Waji, computer flat plane, gloves machine, made by machine, Goubian machines, weaving machines.
2, spinning machinery: roving machine, spinning frame, the twister, Winder, Beinian Ji, and of the machine, shake-yarn, chemical fiber machinery.
3, weaving machinery: rapier, air-jet looms, weaving machines, ribbon machine, trademarks machine, the whole machine, post-mortem of rolls of cloth, and so on.
4, dyeing and finishing machinery: Wandering all, dyeing, finishing machines, stereotypes machine, dryer, pre-shrinking machines, printing machines.
5, textile spare parts and accessories: all kinds of textile and instrumentation, mechanical and electrical, equipment, computer-aided equipment, textile and software technology, humidification and air conditioning dust removal equipment, non-woven machinery equipment, non-woven machinery, textile machinery other accessories.
Strong promotion
Starting time of the content of the plan completion time
2008-1-1 establishment of the exhibition site, as the external window exhibition and information platform. Through baidu, google, yahoo, sina, sohu, alibaba year cycle for the promotion. 2008-1-31
2008-2-1 launch site industry cooperation programme, the website published the exhibition industry through advertising, exhibitions progress column published information, the main exhibitors and the latest exhibits, the current exhibition tracking reports; 2008-12-10
Textile printing industry professional newspapers and magazines to promote media cooperation in this exhibition, advertisement published in the current exhibition, and to track the current exhibition, an important issue timely exhibition exhibitors and new product information; cycle in December 2007 2008 December
2008-3-1 prepare and hold a press conference, invited the Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Economic Daily News, Market News, China Business, International Business Daily, the mass Daily, China Central Television, Shanghai Television, Central People's Broadcasting Station, the Shanghai Satellite TV, Liberation Daily, the New People's Daily, Wen Wei Po, Sina, Sohu, Netease, TOM, Huicong net, Alibaba, the International Business Daily, and so on more than 120 interviews with the news media reported. 2008-7-31
2008-8-1 through CCTV4, CCTV2, Shanghai TV, Oriental TV, the Economic Daily News, the China Business newspaper, Wen Wei Po, the Liberation Daily, the New People's Daily, the First Financial Daily and other media advertising the exhibition so that more people concerned about the current exhibition Will. 2008-8-31
2008-9-1 through the major media publicity of this comprehensive exhibition of the major exhibitors and exhibit information, so that the mainstream media focused this exhibition. On the opening day of practice on the show broadcast live online, so that the current exhibitions around the world. 2008-12-15
2008-12-15 release summing up the exhibition, the exhibition after the report, were released information so that the exhibitors, the audience, and so on a more comprehensive understanding of the current exhibition. 2008-12-30
Professional audience
Time job
2008-1-1 to 2008-11-9 show progress in accordance with the end of editing printing "show alerts" 30 million through direct mail post offices to target audience. "Careers Expo" will be the form of news bulletin show the process of current affairs, major sections: the list of exhibitors notice, an important interview with exhibitors, the latest exhibits, such as supply and demand information and publicity in the show but also to have more exhibitors Promotional opportunities, while giving the audience a comprehensive understanding of the current exhibition, set for visit to discuss the agenda and objectives.
2008-3-15 to three batches of direct mail 2008-10-15 Can Guanquan 500,000 copies to the target audience.
Through cooperation newspapers, magazines, media Gaji Can Guanquan, to attract more visitors to visit.
Cooperation network of electronic media 1.5 million direct mail invitation, the invitation to visit the target audience.
2008-10-15 to 2008-11-9 invitations issued 50,000 copies, leading to invite competent government departments, associations, research institutes, the embassy in China, and trade organizations, investment companies, trade companies, purchasing centers, quality inspection, and other units to the major leaders Shanghai visit negotiate.
Target audience:
Professional buyers in Japan, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, India, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, France, Germany, the United States, South Korea and other countries of the Association of Textile Industry, the Ministry of Commerce and its Embassy in China, foreign exchanges and negotiations, Procurement. National Textile and Apparel relevant provinces and cities / textile industry associations, chambers of commerce and civil society groups, and other members of their unit to visit and negotiations, procurement and technological exchanges.
Government agencies in charge of government officials, the State Development and Reform Commission, the SASAC, the Economic and Trade Commission, the Economic Commission, the Industry Council, customs, statistics departments, the construction sector, transport sector, environmental protection departments, utilities, high-tech industrial park, foreign-domestic Council Association, the Society and other organizations
Detection of the quality of scientific research units detection testing agencies, the State Technology Centre, Institute of Chemical Engineering, and Certification Center, the Productivity Centre, industrial design units, consultants, Design and Research Institute, Institute of colleges;
Economic traders domestic and foreign investors, financial institutions, import and export companies, distributors, agents, the purchase of raw materials and suppliers.
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