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Product type:Sequin device series -
Locking type towel embroidery



(1):Use function

      1.It adopts pneumatic components and straight guide rail to contral   up and down of the device.

      2.With well fitted straight slider block,towel embroidery  can be made by swaying driving lever drived by electric motor.

      3, The embroidery computer can contral the swaying angle of electric motor,so that it can reach the high-accurancy of towel embroidery.

      4.The initial needle and the needle can be both used and the color can be intersected in collocation.

       5.The device is installed on the back of head of machine.

 (2):Technical parameters

        1.Space of locking towel embroidery device: it can be installed in any machine.

        2.Speed of locking towel embroidery device: 600-800rpm.

        3.Specification of locking towel embroidery: every stitch can be used for embroidery.


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