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Product type:Sequin device series -
side single sequin device enti

Model:DB-JP-08     A   (locking needle type)


Model:DB-JP-08     B   (adjustable pressure spring type)


Model:DB-JP-08     C    (pressure spring locking  type)


Model:DB-JP-07     D   (pressure spring typy)


(1) : Use funtion

    1.It adopts pneumatic components and straight guide rail.

    2.The special steel guide groove can change the specification between different blades easily,which just changes the passing groove.

     3.The use of flat piece and concave piece will achieve the best effect.

    4.The device is installed in the side(the initial needle position or the end needle position).

(2) :  Technical parameters

    1.Space of sequin device: 80mm

    2.Lifting traveking: 30mm

    3.Sequin embroidery speed:

             ¢ 3mm --- 4mm --- ¢ 5mm 1000 r / min

             ¢ 6.75mm----- ¢ 9mm 800 r / min

     4.Specification of sequin: ¢ 3mm, 4mm, ¢ 5mm, ¢ 6.75mm, ¢ 9mm

     5. Specifications of stepping motor: 0.5A or 1A 

     6.The use of air pressure: 3kpa

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